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Full Moon Ceremony

~Renewal of Vows~

Photography by a professional photographer

Picture Data

(50 shots)

Plan Includes

Attendant during photography (also as the vow coordinator)


Weekdays: 157,000 yen

Weekends & Holidays: 178,000 yen

※When staying somewhere other than Hotel Moon Beach, an additional 21,600 yen

On the incredible Moon Beach of Okinawa Island, hold an on-location photo ceremony to confirm the bonds between you, your spouse, and your family

Beach Shoot

Garden Photo Shoot

Photos taken inside the hotel

沖縄フォトウエディング ビーチフォト ムーンビーチホテル

Ceremony photography

沖縄 家族旅行写真 バウリニューアル ウェディングフォト ムーンビーチフォト の撮影写真

Things to note:

・This product, including the vow renewal scene, is an on-location photography shoot.

​・Please feel free to wear whatever you like.

・The photography data will be available in the form of a download approximately 2 weeks after the shoot.

・The contents of the data will be selected by the professional photographer.

・To create scenes including the shooting of the vow renewal scene, we will ask for your participation and understanding.

​​Preparations for the Big Day

・Please confirm availability via e-mail. Reservations are possible up until 2 weeks prior.


・Before you apply, we will confirm contents such as your timeframe, ideas and clothing.

・After you apply, we will send you an application, the terms & conditions, an invoice, and necessary documents, etc., via e-mail.

・We ask you to prepare in advance letters or presents etc., which will be used in the ceremony.

・We will send you the final confirmation letter before 3 days before the shoot via e-mail.


Interpretation (Chinese or English)

Briefing time, shooting time (about 5 hours)

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