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Please feel free to inquire about wedding photography to Studio Moon.

Availability can be confirmed through e-mail. 




Studio Moon Example Movie(3Min28Ses)

Wedding Photos at Onna, Okinawa


Blue Sky

Emerald-blue Sea

Snow-white Beach


These aren't just any popular beach photos.


A photo of the gorgeous silhouette of you and your loved one against the dramatic sunset can only be taken in Okinawa


Shooting on location in such beautiful scenery provides shots of you two at your most relaxed


The concept of Studio Moon is "A moment you two will commemorate, a pleasurable photo journey on Okinawa"


Recollections of happiness and irreplaceable memories on Okinawa remain



Enjoy a photo wedding at a top-level resort on Okinawa, surrounded by nature untouched.

The pure blue sea, stretching on forever

Stylish beach photos with your wedding dress.





The No. 1 most popular for wedding photo, the Beach Photo Plan

For a photo plan that creates the scene of your wishes while shooting in the most Okinawan of locations


New Moon Beach Premium Photo Plan

沖縄 フォトウエディング ウェディングフォト ビーチフォト ムーンビーチの写真

​Hotel Shoot

The green of the 10-meter pothos vines in the atrium sets the tropical mood.

No need to worry about the rain, as wonderful pictures can be taken inside.

沖縄 フォトウエディング ウェディングフォト ビーチフォト ムーンビーチの写真

​Garden Photo Shoot

Expansive green grass, over 200 palm trees and colorful hibiscus blooming all year round.

for the best garden photos

沖縄 フォトウエディング ウェディングフォト ビーチフォト ムーンビーチの写真

​MoonBeach Photo

Moon Beach is an all-natural beach, possessing 5-star accreditations from the Ministry of the Environment in the categories of "beauty", "environmental ethics" and "safety".

The "Moon Beach Premium Plan" of Hotel Moon Beach, the best location on Okinawa Island, has just arrived!

​A chapel photo shoot included, the "Moon Beach & Chapel Premium Photo Plan" too!

With a superb location and photography team, easily enjoy and relax for the ultimate Okinawa wedding shoot.

沖縄 フォトウエディング ウェディングフォト ビーチフォト ムーンビーチ チャペル撮影

​MoonBeach Chapel Photo

A photo shoot in the oceanfront chapel, with a 180 degree view of the sea surrounded by lush nature

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