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Moon Beach & Chapel

Premium Photo Plan

1.Rental Dresses

 ※Sizes: 3T~17T

 ※Standard Accessories (earrings, necklace, mules, etc.)

 ※We also have color dresses

​ ​※You may choose your favorite dress for no additional charge

Rental Attire


Picture Data

Plan Includes

2.Rental Tuxedos & Suits

 ※Sizes: AS~A2L

 ※Standard Accessories (shirts, ties, etc.)

 ※We also have more casual wear

​ ​※You may choose your favorite outfit for no additional charge

5.MoonBeach Photo

  ※A beach photo shoot at a 5-star accredited all-natural beach, with a professional photographer

9.Picture Data

 ※You will receive 50 shots

3.Hair and Makeup& Fitting

​ ※Our professional stylists do your hair and makeup

 ※Fitting will be conducted in the dressing room

Hair & Makeup Attendants


Weekdays: 220,000 yen

Weekends & Holidays (excluding the following): 242,000 yen

沖縄フォトウエディング ビーチフォト ウェディングフォトのスタジオムーン ムーンビーチ

The premiere location on Okinawa Island, the Hotel Moon Beach

"Moon Beach & Chapel Photo Plan" has arrived!!

An outstanding all-natural beach, garden, tropical hotel, and oceanfront chapel.

Tons of photo spots without needing to change locations!

Enjoy the ultimate in wedding photography.

Beach Shoot

Garden Photo Shoot

7.Garden Photo Shoot

  ※Expansive green grass, over 200 palm trees, and vibrantly blooming hibiscus in this garden scene.

On the pure-white fine-grain all-natural beach, a photo shoot with the ocean spreading out endlessly

You'll be all-smiles without a thought, at this outstanding location

沖縄フォトウエディングのスタジオムーン ビーチフォト ムーンビーチ
沖縄フォトウエディング ビーチフォト ウェディングフォトのスタジオムーン ムーンビーチ
沖縄フォトウエディング ビーチフォト ウェディングフォトのスタジオムーン ムーンビーチ

With its greenery and the sky spreading out above, the hotel garden has a Hawaiian tropical feel

The famous hanging pothos within the hotel. Even when it's raining, shots with a resort-feel are possible

8.Photos taken inside the hotel

  A shoot with the green of the 10-meter pothos vines in the atrium and the feeling of a resort inside the hotel

Photos taken inside the hotel

沖縄フォトウエディング ビーチフォト ムーンビーチホテル

10.1 attendant during photography

 ※An attendant will assist you in order to ensure smooth shooting

​ ​※Transportation from the studio to Moon Beach is included

MoonBeach Chapel Photo

6.Photos in the Chapel

  ※A photo shoot inside the chapel, with a 180 degree view of the sea

4.Makeup Attendant

​ ※A plan in which a stylist attends you during the shoot

沖縄フォトウエディング ビーチフォト ウェディングフォトのスタジオムーン ムーンビーチ チャペル撮影

Have a photo ceremony in the white-as-snow oceanfront chapel, surrounded by greenery and the emerald-green ocean.


11.Interpretation (Chinese or English)

 ※briefing, fitting, makeup, shooting, changing

(about 5 hours)

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